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Urdu Domains (اردو ڈومین):

Search, Register and Transfer your very own domain names in Urdu Language exclusively for use in Pakistan through our hosting sponsor www.NetConfident.net who also offer domain names in over 100 languages. UrduWare is one of the first in Pakistan to offer urdu domains in very competitive prices through world class independent provider.

اب آپ اردو ڈومین ڈھونڈ اور رجسٹر کر سکتے هیں۔ اپنا نام یهاں لکھیں اور سرچ پر کلک کریں۔۔

Urduware is a portal bringing urdu based and urdu related services, products and resources to you with no orientatin of incentives.

Urdū is now approximately the twentieth most populous natively spoken language in the world, and is the national language of Pakistan as well as one of the 24 national languages of India. Urdu very much resembles with hindi-urdu which is the second most popular spoken language in the world. Native speakers of Urdu are around 61 million while total of 104 million speakers use this language in their daily life. For more details on the history and information about Urdu language please click here (Notice: External link - opens in new window)

Mission of UrduWare Portal is to provide you with multimedia and high-tech solutions for your computer related Urdu needs. This includes use of urdu script on all computers, its interfacing with other regional languages and offering you to interact with computer and other people in the same way you can do using computer's native English language.

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