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A guide to Pregnancy and Baby Care in Urdu Language

Author: Rabia Shah

Origin: Pakistan

Language: Urdu

ISBN: Coming Soon

Published: 2007

Volume: 1

Publisher: Urduware Publications


This is the big book of pregnancy in Urdu language which covers all areas from planning to pregnancy, then birth and even up to three years of baby authored by Mrs. Rabia Shah.

You will find this book not only informative but interesting as well. I have used very simple and easy wording so any one can understand even if he /she is not very highly educated.

Do you want to know that what’s going on in your tummy in nine months period? Well, after reading this book, pregnancy will be no more a mysterious process for you.

Do you know what else you will read in this book? Right…So there are some main topics of my book given bellow;

  • Planning for a baby,
  • How do u conceive?
  • Development and progress of foetus,
  • Physical and emotional changes,
  • You and your baby in nine months, Health of mum and baby,
  • Medical emergencies,
  • Illness and accidents, Infections and medicine in pregnancy,
  • Difficulties and solutions,
  • Food and nutrition,
  • What not to eat?
  • Exercise and fitness,
  • Suggestions for new father and new mother,
  • Preparation for hospital,
  • Birth, New born,
  • His feeding,
  • Bathing,
  • Sleeping patterns,
  • Massage,
  • Weaning,
  • Illness,
  • Crying,
  • Teething,
  • Development up to three years
  • And lots of other big and small issues related to Mum and Baby.


 This book is full of TIPS. So buy this book read it make your pregnancy easy and enjoy your new baby.

This book is currently available for sale from The Book Centre, Bradford.

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