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Online Services:

Web Authoring and Publishing:

We can also provide you with Urdu based or multilingual web sites. Our services can provide you from a single need to the whole solution from translating, authoring, designing, publishing and hosting.

Urdu Multimedia:

One of our important services is multimedia casting which includes audio, video and communication services. We can provide you with urdu audio for personal and commercial use as well as the videography for all your needs. Our Radio and TV commercials and related services come with all in a box solutions from the real creators. Our web division can even host your live audio casting through streaming servers for limited or restricted listeners or public viewing.

Offline Services:


Translation of Urdu to English and other languages and vice versa.


Services provided for realtime translation from Urdu to foreign languages and back to Urdu.


Publishing of printed material including Books, Magazines, Newspapers, Brochures, Leaflets.

Authoring and Editorial Services:

Authoring of Editorials and Articles in worldwide published current affairs newspapers and magazines.

Urdu Training:

Not only if you want to learn Urdu as a language but also if you wish to learn any topic of training delivered in Urdu language.

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